Østfold Fylkeskommune


 Østfold (help·info) is a county in southeastern Norway, bordering Akershus and southwestern Sweden (Västra Götaland County and Värmland), while Buskerud and Vestfold is on the other side of the bay. The county administration is in Sarpsborg, and Fredrikstad is the largest city.
Many manufacturing communities are situated here. Moss and Fredrikstad have shipyards. Granite mines are situated in Østfold, granite stone from these was used by Gustav Vigeland.
The county slogan: "The heartland of Scandinavia". The local dialect is characterized by the geographical proximity to Sweden.

The name

The old name of the Oslofjord was Fold, and the meaning of Østfold is 'the region east of the Fold' (see also Vestfold). The name is first recorded in 1543, in the Middle Ages the name of the county was Borgarsysla 'the county/sýsla of the city Borg (now Sarpsborg)'.


Østfold is among the nation's oldest inhabited regions, with petroglyphs (rock drawings) and mounds throughout the area.
In the Viking Age, the area was part of Vingulmark, which in turn was part of Viken and included Båhuslen. It was partly under Swedish rule until the time of Harald Fairhair.
Later, when Norway was under Danish rule, the Danish king divided the area into many baronies. (The barony of Heggen og Frøland, consisting of the municipalities Askim, Eidsberg and Trøgstad, originally belonged to Akershus - but it was transferred to Østfold in 1768.)

To this day, in contrary to many other traditional districts of Norway, Østfold is culturally not a unity, but instead a mosaic of areas around the various cities and towns. Under Danish rule the county was called Smaalenenes Amt 'the amt consisting of small len'.

Østfold is located between the Oslo Fjord and Sweden. It is dominated by a hilly landscape with a lot of woodland in the north and along the Swedish border, a major lake system in the central part and highly densed lowland area along the coast, with a relatively large archipelago.
Norway’s longest river, the Glomma, flows through the county and out into the Oslo Fjord in Fredrikstad.

Most of the county's population is located in the coastal area. Cities such as Moss, Sarpsborg, Fredrikstad and Halden are placed here, along with some relatively highly populated rural municipalities. Østfold also has another two cities, Askim and Mysen. They are located within the Inner Østfold and are regional centers within "Indre Østfold Region"